Tree Removal in Cape Town

Sometimes you don't just want to cut a tree down, you want to remove it from your property entirely. It might have been a centerpiece of your property at one time, but now it might be dying or decayed or the victim of too much storm damage to be salvageable. We often proceed via two courses: we can immediately determine through observation that your tree is unsalvagable and remove it completely or we can do a tree audit and determine whether or not a tree can be saved. If it can, we'll go through all the trouble of performing tree surgery and trimming every dead or extraneous branch until only living trunk and alive leaders remain.

If a tree needs to be removed, we can cut away all the branches, cut down the leaders and trunk piece by piece, and either grind a stump away or uproot it completely. The only trace you'll see of our work is the patch of fresh earth where a tree once stood.